February 25, 2014

February Storms & Sunsets

Yesterday, Jon and I spent most of the day exploring the island and taking photos. We got home about an hour before sunset and rested a bit before heading back out.  We decided to go to Miacomet. Just as we were pulling out of the driveway, out of nowhere, HAIL! Lots of hail! The sky looked to be clear so we were pretty confused. As we got closer to Miacomet, we saw the dark clouds rolling in. We jumped out and thought we’d get a few photos just before the rain or hail or whatever was happening came out of the sky.  We ran over the dunes and onto the beach. The clouds were looking amazing, as if they trying to reach down and grab the sea. We started snapping photos and a few videos on our new Cameo app. Down came the hail.  As we started running back to the car, we saw the most beautiful rainbow, it stopped us in our tracks. Then, a double rainbow! Of course I was screaming “DOUBLE RAINBOW”!  All around us was indescribable beauty. Behind us, a sky turning pink, purple, orange and red. In front of us, a rainbow that seemed to stretch half way across the sky. To the right, dark and stormy clouds filled with rain and to the left, clear, blue skies. It was the perfect mix and by far, our FAVORITE sunset yet. We were able to catch just a tiny bit of what we saw. Enjoy!

“Only by weathering the greatest storms can we appreciate the most beautiful skies.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

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