May 12, 2014

Corey & Jesse – Engaged!

Corey and Jesse’s wedding took place this past Saturday (post coming soon) at the White Elephant. Since they had not yet had any engagement photos taken, Jesse decided we could take a few when they arrived on island.  Jon and i headed to Tom Nevers on Thursday to meet the happy couple for their session. Now, when I say that they are the sweetest couple we’ve ever met, I’m not exaggerating.

We didn’t need to go far for the photos, we stepped out onto the street and started shooting. Maddie, their beautiful hound/lab mix joined us for during the session and was a natural. It was such a perfect way to get to know Corey and Jesse before their big day. You’ll notice in the photos that they have undeniable magnetic chemistry. We are so happy for them and can’t wait to visit them down in Philly!  

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