May 10, 2016

Sarah & Henry Say ‘I Do’ at Gardner Farm, Nantucket, MA

I arrived at Gardner Farm on a chilly Friday evening. The sun was peeking through the clouds as Henry and I headed down to where the ceremony would take place. On our walk, Henry told me a little bit about his love story. Sarah grew up in Ireland, Henry in Massachusetts – their paths crossed on Nantucket a few years ago. They were both working at the Westmoor Club – Henry as grounds crew and Sarah as a server. Henry was roommates with Sarah’s sister. After spending some time together, they realized they were falling for each other.  Henry asked Sarah out on their first official date. They hit it off and spent every second they could together. When summer came to a close and it was time for Sarah to head back down to Florida for her winter job Henry knew he had to go with her. He was fortunate to find a wonderful family, the Heydts, who hired him to work on their private boat down in Florida. Sarah had a crazy work schedule so they were only able to see each other once a week while, but it was worth it! Each time they had to say goodbye, it got harder and harder. The following summer, they both headed back to Nantucket for another amazing season on the rock. Sarah began missing her family in Ireland as it had been 2 years since she’d last seen them. She flew home at the end of summer to spend the next 4 months. Henry planned a two week visit to see her and meet the rest of her family. They traveled all around Ireland together and had the time of their lives! It wasn’t until the end of the trip, after Henry had asked Sarah’s brother and father for permission, that he asked Sarah to spend the rest of his life with him. They were staying in a cottage in Co. Cork and it couldn’t have been more romantic. Henry had searched for the perfect ring and was so excited to see how much Sarah loved it. After returning to Nantucket, they decided to get married in a private ceremony before the busy Nantucket summer begins.

Henry carried 10 different plants/bushes out of the forest to line the footpath where he would soon exchange vows with the love of his life. After meticulously placing the decorations and wrapping the trees in ribbon, he ran back to his car for a quick jacket switch. Back on the footpath, standing in front of two white hydrangea bushes, he waited for his bride to appear through the woods.

As Sarah walked down the path and into Henry’s sight, his face lit up. Her beauty was captivating. The two read their own personal vows to one another and performed a hand fasting ceremony. It was an intimate and sweet ceremony filled with love. I was so happy to be able to capture these beautiful and memorable moments. Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness.

Cheers to Sarah and Henry!

“We are so happily married. He is my best friend, it feels right to marry your best friend.”

— Sarah

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  1. Peggy says:

    Beautiful people, inside and out!! ❤️❤️
    Love them both so much!! 😘😘😘

  2. Ben says:

    What gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple!

  3. Maureen says:

    I knew there was something special about this couple when I saw the first pictures you posted💕so simple- so perfect- "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance." Quote by Coco Chanel

  4. Mags says:

    Beauty comes from within you have captured it through you lens. Sarah & Henry love each other and these fabulous photos have shown your great ability to bring the best out and capture it for all to see. Stunning couple 😊Stunning photography😊

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