January 22, 2017

A Visit to Burlington, VT

We had heard so much about Burlington, VT and decided it was time to check it out! We booked a room at the beautiful Hotel Vermont and took the boat off on a Friday afternoon. The drive from Hyannis took us about 5 hours and when we arrived to the hotel, the lobby was bustling and a great little band was playing in front of the fireplace. We knew we had picked the right place. We dropped off our bags, admired the room and it’s minimalist features and headed down to the restaurant for some dinner. The food was out of this world and the creme brûlée cake was to die for!

We were thinking of heading up to Stowe for some skiing but the little town of Burlington kept us busy all 4 days. There was so much to see and we really wanted to take it all in. We visited the Zero Gravity Brewery, the Magic Hat Brewery and Foam Brewers – all of which were fun and unique in their own way. We shopped a little and drank good coffee. Our favorite spot for dinner was American Flatbread, our favorite breakfast spot was Lucky Next Door and our favorite EVERYTHING shop was Common Deer (BRIDES, TAKE NOTE – YOU CAN REGISTER HERE!). I could have spent hours in that store! We can’t wait to go back. We just love Vermont! Here are a few photos from our trip – art is EVERYWHERE!

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