February 26, 2018

Emily & Ricki’s Nantucket Engagement at Ladies Beach

When we moved into our house about 4 years ago after going through what locals here call the “Nantucket Shuffle”, we knew we’d have to get along with our neighbors because our place was basically connected to theirs. We started out with some nice guys who worked at the Tavern, there were a lot of them – maybe 7?  They moved out and a new group moved in. Emily and Ricky were the two who we always seemed to run into. Emily was the pretty blonde who had gone to school with Jon and Ricky was the nice “Jack Will’s Guy”.  As busy as our summers were we always said “Hello” on our way to and from work. Little did we know, they would end up becoming some of our closest island friends! Emily shares a love for photography so we started shooting together any chance we could get. In addition to being a true gentleman, Ricky is quite the cook and would drop off homemade banana bread and fresh scones at our door! Willow started asking for “Ritchie” and “Em” every day and formed the sweetest bond with them.  I couldn’t contain my excitement the day Ricky told me he was going to propose to Emily. I was devasted when I realized we were booked with a wedding and wouldn’t be able to capture the big moment but we managed to meet up with them to celebrate post-wedding at Proprietors. When they asked us to photograph their wedding coming up later this year, we were jumping up and down. We couldn’t be more thrilled and happy for our friends – they are so in love and such a sweet couple. They just balance eachother out and look so good doing it. We love watching them travel all over the world in the winter and we cannot wait for their September wedding! Sadly, they aren’t our neighbors anymore but we are so thankful for the time they were!

We met on a gorgeous August night for some Engagement photos on the beach as the sun was setting. Here are just a few of my favorites! Cheers to Emily & Ricky! XO We love you guys!

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