April 13, 2018

We LOVE the Nantucket Hotel!

A couple of times a year The Nantucket Hotel & Resort offers a really special discount for island residents and I think I just might be the first person to call or email to make our reservation. No shame here! This Hotel has it all! The rooms are like gorgeous vacation rental homes, they are decorated perfectly and the beds are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on. They have a lovely restaurant in the lobby, a reading area with books and games near the check-in area, a kids club, full gym, pool and hot tub and even an area to cook s’mores around the fire. Whenever we stay at the hotel, we have dinner before settling in for the night at the Breeze and then head over to the library area to pick from their collection of dvd’s. We always give Willow a bath because well, we don’t have one! She absolutely loves it and brings all of her toys in to play. From the moment you walk in and are welcomed by their amazing staff to until the moment you check out, you really do feel like you’re on a luxurious vacation. We absolutely love it and we’re so thankful for their generous islander discounts! They were rated #1 on Trip Advisors list of Traveler’s Choice Top Hotels and it’s really no surprise! Here are a few shots of Willow loving life at our last stay!

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