January 21, 2019

Kelly and Spencer’s Nantucket Engagement

This is a fun story! We were out at Sankaty Lighthouse shooting a surprise proposal a couple of years ago. Our couple had just come down from the top of the lightouse when I noticed another couple off to the right looking pretty excited! We eventually realized the couple had just got engaged! I was still finishing up our surprise proposal and we were just about to start some photos with the family who had surprised our couple by showing up to celebrate. I quickly ran over and shot a quick photo of the other couple. I was so happy for them but it was too late to ask if they wanted a few more photos to remember the moment so I ran back to my clients and we finished our session. By the time we were all heading back to our cars, the other couple was long gone and I was so sad I hadn’t asked for their information so I could send them the photo I did get.

A couple of weeks later I decided I was going to post the photo I captured and ask if anyone knew who they were. It was a long shot but I thought if i’m going to find them, Instagram was probably the best place! I posted it and within an hour I had their names! It was Kelly & Spencer! I connected with them and was able to send them the hi-res version of the photo. I was SO THANKFUL and thrilled to have found them! It wasn’t long after that I received a message from Kelly asking if we would be available to photograph their 2019 wedding. We were available and we quickly got an Engagement Session on the calendar!

During their Nantucket Engagement Session we went back to the spot where Spencer had proposed and got a few photos before heading out to Great Point Lighthouse for some sunset shots. Another fun fact is that Great Point Lighthouse was going to be the spot where Spencer was originally going to propose to Kelly but due to some unforeseen circumstances and a few road blocks, he decided on Sankaty and I am SO HAPPY he did! We are so excited for their wedding this June! It has been such a blast getting to know these two and we cannot wait until their big day! Cheers to Kelly & Spencer!


 Here’s the shot I got of them at Sankaty just after Spencer proposed to Kelly! Here’s the shot I got of them at Sankaty just after Spencer proposed to Kelly!

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