September 18, 2019

Sankaty Golf Club Wedding | Field & Chapin | Nantucket, MA


Field and Chapin were married at Nantucket’s  Sankaty Beach Club with a Sankaty Golf Club Reception to follow on a beautiful June day. When I say beautiful, I really mean beautiful. They had sun, rain, hail, lightning, more sun and even a rainbow in between it all. There was a supercell storm that came through and lit up our Nantucket skies shades of blue. It was truly breathtaking! Before I get more into that, here’s their story in their own words…

Our story starts in a manner that anyone reading this can relate to, as each of our lovely mothers, Vivi Duke and Paige Yates, approached us in the fall of 2015 with a casual suggestion: reach out to each other. Field, it was explained to Chapin, was a thoughtful, handsome and charming sports reporter for ESPN, whose life was split between Boston and Bristol, Connecticut until the conclusion of that football season, but who would be around much more starting around New Year’s. Chapin, Field was told, was an easy-going, gorgeous, effortlessly likable girl who was working diligently in finance in Boston. Not only did she love sports, she was – unquestionably – a far more successful athlete than Field after a decorated field hockey career at Boston College.

The two obliged their mother’s prescient advice, communicating as the football season concluded and planning to meet at a mutual friend’s (the lovely Aleca Hughes McPherson) housewarming party on President’s Day weekend. A last minute decision by Chapin to head to Vail for a skiing trip (this just in: there’s no better place on earth to ski than Vail!) put the meeting on hold, but no matter, as the following weekend the two were both planning to attend the annual Boston Winter Ball. An unfortunate turn left Chapin on the IR list, as a torn ACL suffered on the slopes canceled her plans to attend the ball as she was laid up for the next few months recovering from the eventual surgery. “Tearing your ACL to avoid me? You could have just told me you weren’t interested,” Field joked. Chapin, ever the good spirit, laughed it off and the two planned to congregate later.

And so they did.

On an otherwise quiet Friday night in May, Field opted to reach out to Chapin to see if she would be interested in a date. Understanding that she was just recently off of crutches, he promised to make it easy: a date at Dillon’s, just steps from Chapin’s apartment in the Back Bay.

Chapin, whose adventurous attitude towards life helped her power through her recovery, agreed to the date, which began the start of an instant connection. Field’s wit and devotion to his career caught Chapin’s eye; Chapin’s welcoming disposition and beauty caught Field’s. With many shared interests – skiing, golf, paddle tennis and watching “Chopped” amongst them – time spent together was easy to fill.

She said yes!
After countless adventures, a move-in together, nights on Nantucket, trips to Vail, friends made, friendships fortified, craft beers consumed and meat grilled on their roof deck, the two found themselves in Colorado for President’s Day weekend of 2018. Unlike in 2016 when Chapin acquired a pair of crutches during her President’s Day trip, the end result in 2018 would be a much more cherished conclusion.

Chapin and Field plus Vivi, Lester, Paige and Perrin Duke, Paige Yates and Virginia Walsh headed out for an immeasurably beautiful blue bird day on the slopes in Vail, Colorado on Saturday, February 17th. A morning spent riding down cruisers, finding some moguls and savoring the impeccable views was in and of itself a treat. They don’t make many places on earth like Vail, they don’t make many days as beautiful as that one was. Chapin and Field had been planning for an eventual run at The Minturn Mile during this trip, with Field going as far as bringing their favorite beer – a pair of Haze from Treehouse Brewing, Co. – from Massachusetts to imbibe upon on the mile.

The plan had been set, with everyone but – of course – Chapin in on the act. The morning would be spent together, with Field and Chapin peeling off after a late lunch at Belle’s Camp to head to Minturn, a legal out-of-bounds trail that ran all the way off the mountain and into the cozy village of Minturn, home of The Minturn Saloon (and world-famous margaritas plus all you can eat chips and salsa).

A normal trip down the mile includes a stop about halfway down the slop following a move – by any means necessary – over a creek to enjoy a beer and a moment of reflection. When the duo skied past the creek, a group of some six or so people was sitting in the most popular hangout area, so Field insisted they move just a bit further down the trail. Given that there wasn’t much in the way of a place to settle in further down the slope, Chapin was a bit surprised by his insistence, but agreed to his request. After time spent settling in, Field going on a very Field-like soliloquy of how special that trip had been, he asked Chapin to stand up to take the moment all in. Chapin, who was comfortably seated in a pile of powder, agreed (while probably thinking, “So, about those beers you’ve been saving all week…”).

On bended knee, Field asked Chapin to marry him, which was met by a yes and a waterfall of tears. The perfect moment in the perfect setting. Those “special beers” Field had been referencing? They were special alright, as on the bottom of each can was a printed message: “Chapin, will you marry me?” and “Chapin said yes!”

No beer had ever tasted so good. Their forever journey had begun, though they still had some skiing left to do down The Minturn Mile…right to The Minturn Saloon. It was there that their families were located, readying to surprise the newly-engaged couple and keep the celebration rolling!

Wedding Day!

Their wedding day was filled with so much love and as Field puts it “daunting & gorgeous” weather! Just as we were finishing their portraits at the Sankaty Lighthouse the sky opened up and down came sheets of pouring rain and lots of hail! Just minutes before, the couple was squinting from the sun that was shining down on them and now as we were driving past the Sankaty Golf Course, we saw what looked like a fresh coat of snow but was in fact hail. We arrived at the Beach Club and the couple made the decision to move the ceremony under the covered area as the rain was still coming down pretty heavy. It was a great decision because just as the ceremony ended, the rain had stopped and the couple made their grand exit in Field’s Father’s vintage car. The sun was coming out again! Cocktail hour was held on the lawn of the Golf Club and a beautiful rainbow appeared as we were taking family photos. It was amazing! A little later in the night, another stormcell moved through, but JUST as the sun was slipping below the horizon, the sky cleared and the couple agreed to run out onto the lawn for the final minute of the most memorable wedding weather we’ve ever experienced!

Some other highlights of the day included the ceremony that their good friend Sam Herrick officiated. He did such a great job with a mix of touching and hilarious moments! He offered the couple advice that he had gathered from each member of the bridal party which was very sweet. During their reception, while Downy Flake donuts were being passed around Chapin took the mic and sang an amazing rendition of “Sunflower” as Field joined her and her friends and family cheered her on! It was the perfect way to end the night! We will never forget this magical day. It was truly a pleasure from start to finish and we wish we could do it all over again! We’ll just have to settle for reliving the day through these photos. Cheers to Field & Chapin!

Ceremony Venue: Sankaty Beach Club | Reception Venue: Sankaty Golf Club | Dress: Pronovias/Odalia Purchased at Flair Boston | Bride’s Hair & Makeup: RJ Miller Salon | Florist: Sheila Daume | Wedding Coordinator: Lori Snell | Band: Honeytrain | Cake: Kelley Badger | Catering: Sankaty Golf Club | Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie | Invitations: Inviting Company, Boston, MA | Tent: Nantucket Party Rentals | Downy Flake Donuts

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