April 9, 2020

Explore Here Experiences | Let an Expert Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

Guest contributor: Brie Shelly, Explore Here Experiences

First off, congrats on this incredibly exciting time! As a therapist and travel advisor, I love working with couples navigating this special season and ensuring they have the skills (it’s stressful!) and memorable, unique travel experiences to celebrate this meaningful milestone.

In addition to professional experience, I have quite the resume when it comes to incorporating travel into the wedding mix.

Well before Harry and Meghan made traveling on a third date popular, I took my now husband on a trip a few weeks into dating to see if he’d make the cut. Lucky for him, he made it and was wise enough to coordinate an engagement in Italy, agree to a destination wedding in Nantucket, a pre-wedding trip in Greece, mini-moon post-wedding down the Pacific Coast Highway, and vowed to a life of adventures, not just a honeymoon in SE Asia. The life of a travel advisor’s husband 🙂

While I always find great joy in planning travel, most couples are burnt out from wedding planning and ready to pass the torch to someone else by the time it comes to coordinating a honeymoon. Not only do I believe that traveling together is one of the best ways to celebrate your new relationship status, I also know how well-deserved a relaxing getaway can be.

In full collaboration with each couple I work with, I specialize in curating an itinerary that fosters both internal and external exploration. Whether you want to go to a well-known destination or be completely off the grid, I strive to blend together a combination of relaxation, adventure, Instagram-worthy views and meals, and time to connect with yourself and spouse. With careful planning, I know your travel experience will be as meaningful as it is breathtaking. Plus, I’ll secure you VIP status along the way, so you can enjoy free room upgrades, spa credits, and more! Extra champagne anyone?

So how do we start the honeymoon planning?

I always encourage clients to consider a few points when starting to plan a honeymoon:

What type of experience are you looking for? Where have you traveled to as a couple before? Do you want to relax on the beach, explore a vibrant city, or get lost in a new culture? For example, my husband and I had already been to Greece, Italy, and Hawaii together, so we knew a lesser-known private island in Cambodia was our play! Pending your goals, there are endless ways to incorporate a variety of adventures into your honeymoon.

When are you hoping to go and for how long?

Are you set on a honeymoon right after the wedding or a few months down the road? What season will it be (or in that destination)? How much flexibility do you have with time off? Five, ten, 21+ day trips are all feasible and provide different opportunities around the world. Together, I will make sure you return rejuvenated!

What are your future travel hopes as a couple?

Will this be your first or tenth trip together? Is travel an ongoing priority of yours? Do you already have a travel bucket list as a couple that you are working on? All of this information can assist us with narrowing in on what type of experience you would like, the length of the trip, and fine-tune the destinations in coordination with your future travel plans. No need to rush through Europe’s hotspots when we can map out ways to go for years to come, even with kids!

Respect your budget!

We all know weddings, homes, babies, retirement, and other future milestones are expensive! Do not let Instagram fool you into believing that you must break the bank when it comes to your honeymoon. I always say that travel is possible for every budget and specialize in helping couples understand how and when to spend money on their trip. For example, would you rather fly economy but sleep in a five-star hotel? Michelin star restaurants or local eats and lots of massages? No matter what size your budget is, I promise you will head home with memories that will inspire you to add a travel budget into your daily life.

The honeymoon never has to “end”

A lot of couples feel pressured to make their honeymoon a “once in a lifetime experience” or treat it as the only time to travel as a couple. While I fully understand this could be the case, it also doesn’t have to be! As a therapist and travel advisor, I fully believe that traveling together can be a powerful way to connect over and over again with your partner for years to come. Your next trips can be to celebrate your anniversaries, babymoons, birthdays, new jobs, or just because. Short or long, a staycation at a hotel in town or across the world – it doesn’t matter! Continue to make traveling together a priority, and I guarantee it’ll be one of the best investments you can make for your relationship.

Enjoy the perks of working with an expert!

In 2020, the world of travel came to a screeching halt. As the world reopens, having an insider who can guide you through the process of planning, knows the current status of top destinations, and has key contacts around the world is even more vital than ever. In addition, I love ensuring clients are treated like VIP’s with free upgrades, hotel credits, meals, and more. Plus, I specialize in matching clients to unique properties and hidden gem destinations that you might not know otherwise!

Ready to start planning your honeymoon or future travel plans? I can also assist with celebratory trips like destination weddings, bachelorette or birthday trips, anniversaries, and more!

Connect with me at  www.brieshelly.com to learn more and discover travel inspiration at @theexperiencebybrie!

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