December 6, 2022

Zach’s Nantucket Surprise Proposal

Zach had been planning the moment where he would get down on one knee and ask the woman he loves to be his wife. We chatted about the exact spot, the exact time, the plans before, the plans after and everything in between. The day came, and it was finally time! Jon and I sat on the beach in our beach chairs looking out at the calm water waiting for the cue. I always get a little shaky and my heart starts to beat a little faster before a surprise proposal and here I was again, heart pounding as the seconds that felt like hours passed by slowly. Jon looked over my shoulder and told me the couple had arrived to the spot and it was time to get up and capture the magic. We turned and starting snapping away, it was perfect. Hard to not to start tearing up as you’re looking through your lens capturing such a tender, sweet and raw moment. After Reva spotted us, we were able to move in a little closer and after we let the couple have a few minutes alone to take in the joy and excitement of what had just happened, it was time to head up to the house where both families were waiting to join in on the celebration. There were tears, embraces and lots of laughs. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful night and we took advantage of the light. We strolled back down to the beach for a few more portraits before we finally said goodbye to the happy couple. It was one of our favorite proposals of the summer and I think the photos speak for themselves. It was an honor to capture this special moment for Zach and Reva and we wish them nothing but the best in their new life together! Cheers to the happy couple!

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