December 7, 2022

Kelsey and Mark’s Nantucket Engagement

This year we not only had the pleasure of photographing Kelsey and Mark’s Engagement photos, we also photographed their wedding! That post will be coming soon. I met Kelsey and Mark out at Sankaty Lighthouse in June. It was a beautiful night for photos and we had two hours together. They brought their pup to the first location, which I HIGHLY recommend! You don’t have to have your fury friend with you for the entire session, but maybe just the first or last part – it will be worth it – I promise! After we got some glowy portraits at the lighthouse, it was time to head over to the other end of the island. We started out towards Madaket and followed the couple to one of their favorite secret beaches – I cannot disclose this wonderful spot, but it really was magical and there’s nothing I love more than when our couples have ideas for photos. After we walked the beach and explored a new place (new for us), we headed over to Smith’s Point for our final stop of the night. I loved that they brought some champagne to pop at the end of their session – a wonderful way to end the night and it makes for great photos! Kelsey’s outfits were so beautiful – she opted for two different dresses – which I love! If you have two favorite dresses, bring them both! If you’re up for an outfit change, you can get two different looks. Some couples opt for one dressy look and one casual look – whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and yourself! One of my favorite parts of this shoot was how much fun they had together. They would be off walking along the beach, laughing and talking and those are my favorite moments to capture! Here are a few highlights from our time together. Enjoy!

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